Saturday, September 9, 2023

Thiruvananthapuram Corporation Chithira Thirunal Park

Arch in front of Thiruvananthapuram Corporation Chithira Thirunal Park

The statue of Chitra Thirunal Maharaja is the king of the kingdom of Travancore.

There is a stage and an electronics display board in the background for conducting the program.

A terrace is arranged for the audience to sit on.

A multi-purpose building has also been constructed, including yoga, dance and concerts

It is built in a building with 10 shops and is yet to open.

There is a good footpath for morning rides and the public can use it in the morning and evening

An open gym has been constructed for the general public

There are a variety of structures for children to play with.

There was a swing that could be used by children and adults.

A toy for kids to play like a ladder and hang down


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